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Shredder Definitions

Read these before you buy a shredder!


Cross Cut / Confetti Cut / Particle Cut - Cross Cut also known as confetti or particle cut is when paper is shredded into small pieces.

Crypto Cut - The highest security cross cut shredders, usually government Class A or Class B shredders, are called Crypto Cut and the paper is shredded into tiny particles.

Straight Cut  / Strip Cut / Ribbon Cut - Straight Cut or Strip Cut as it is better known these days is  when paper is cut into long strips.

DIN Standard - The DIN Standard is a defined classification of the differing levels of security available in shredders. It states the size of shreddedpaper for each security level. Manufacturers use this to define the security level of their shredders. For further information take a look at our guide on Security Levels.

Security Levels - Security Level 1 - Security Level 2 - Security Level 3 - Security Level 4 - Security Level 5 - Security Level 6. - These are the different security levels shredders have, also known as S1 to S6. The higherthe number the more secure the shredder. For more information see our sectionmon Security Levels.

Duty Cycle - The Duty Cycle = the amount of time a shredder will shred before the motor cuts out. If this happens turn offthe shredder  to let it cool down, it will then automatically reset itself. The cheaper the machine the quicker it cut outs! Look for machines with 24 hour continous motors such as the Kobra 200/300 Range

Throat Width - The throat width is the size of the opening where you feed the paper. This determines the size of the paper you can shred without folding it. For example 260mm fits A4, 400mm fits A4, A3 and Computer Printouts

Continuous Sensing - This technology allows additional paper to be fed into your office shredder during shredding and prevent your office shredder from jamming.

Ultra Quiet - If you see a shredder as advertised as having an ultra quiet operation, such as certain GoECOlife and DAHLE Shredders, it means shredding can be done in shared and busy offices when employees are on the phone.

Max Sheet Capacity - The maximum number of sheets that a shredder will accept in one pass/go

Automatic Shut-Off - The shredder will automatically switch itself off after a short time to conserve power to stop children or pets getting anything caught in the shredder.

Self Cleaning - Self cleaning cutters which work to remove loose pieces of paper to prevent paper jams.

Continuous Operation - Shredders with a continious operation or continous operation motors can be used continuously and don’t have to be turned off for a cool down period when the motor heats up. This means no wasted time waiting for your machine to cool down to be ready to shred again.

Anti Jam Technology - Incorporates technology or a button that when pressed maximises power to clear a jam.

Compaction Technology - If a shredder has compaction technology shredded paper is compacted in the waste bin which allows more shredding and less emptying.

Auto Feed Technology - Auto Feed Shredders, such as the Kobra 310TS-AF-C4  with this feature  can automatically shred a stack of paper with no user intervention by automatically feeding one sheet at a time.

Large Bin Capacity - Extra large bin for less emptying.

Auto Reverse - Returns paper when too many sheets have been put in for the shredder to safely accept.

Easy Empty Bin - If a shredderr is advertised with an easy empty bin it has a pull out bin which makes emptying faster and simpler and saves you removing the shredder head.

Easy Paper Feed - With this feature the shredder head has been angled in a position for easy and instant shredding.

Mercury Jam Free - With this feature the shredder mouth illuminates to warn you when too much paper has been inserted. If too much paper is inserted, the shredder will not start, preventing paper jams.

Auto-Oiling - Auto-Oiling Shredding feed oil into the cutting head automatically when required to provide better shred performance and a longer shredder life. Simply connect a bottle of oil to the automatic oiler feature inside the shredder

Safety Sensor The shredder automatically shuts off when hands are too close to the paper entry

Silent operation Shredders designed for noise reduction in shared workspaces or department copy rooms

Energy savings Shredders that enter a power-saving sleep mode when not in use.

Mess reduction the shredder features an automatic cleaning cycle that prevents paper build-up on cutters. To eliminate overflow, a sensor lets the user know when to empty the bin while a sliding flap contains dangling shreds.