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Government Shredders Class A / Class B

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Identity Theft is increasing in prevalance. Whether you are a small business or a large government department or agency it's important to shred securely.


What is happening with all the printed paper in your organisation? Is it all being shredded? Dumpster divers are out there looking for unshredded paper. It could be a rival company, an employee looking to set up in competition, an ex employee with a grudge or a fraudster looking for customer and credit card details. Can you afford for this to happen?


In business, Identity theft is becoming one the fastest growing crimes due to a lack of education of staff in regards to the shredding of confidential documents.


Class A & B SCEC endorsed shredders are the most secure shredders on the market. These should be used for the shredding of all financial information and are mandatory for many government departments and agencies in Australia.


In other areas of the business shredding should also be conducted. Would you be happy with your customer lists ending up in the hands of a competitor? Level 3 and Level 4 shredders should be used in other areas of the business to ensure all paper is safely shredded.


You should ensure you have a shredder located in each area of your business which outputs confidential information. Shredding should be an integral part of your document output strategy.


You should also educate all your staff on the importance of shredding documents and regularly check your shredding policy is being adhered too.


Lastly thank you for looking at Shredders Direct for you shredding needs. We have government pricing available for all SCEC endorsed shredders, educational pricing for schools and educational organisations and we are always happy to put a deal together for all our customers.


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