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Kobra Shredder Oil - 500ml Bottle

Kobra Shredder Oil is suitable for all brands and types of shredders. Watch the video to see the best way to apply it to shredders!      

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Kobra Oil


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This 500ml bottle of Kobra Shredder oil is suitable for all Kobra shredders and other brands of shredding devices. The fluid is supplied in 500ml bottles. (minimum order 6 bottles, this ensures free delivery and makes it easier for all involved as they come prepacked in a box of 6).    


This bottle comes with a spout making it easy to apply.       


Benefits of Oiling your Office Paper Shredder Regularly!


Oiling the shredder cutters regularly will significantly reduce build-up of paper dust and other foreign matter allowing the shredder to perform at its best. The shredder will run smoother, faster, and put less strain on the overall motor, gears, and bearings. Hence the life and performance of your paper shredder is significantly increased.


 How do I Oil my Shredder? - It's simple!


For strip-cut and cross-cut shredders, apply shredder oil onto a sheet of paper in the form of a figure 8. Shred the paper. Continue this application for at least 3 to 4 complete rotations. This should be done every time the shred bin is emptied.



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