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Kobra Medium Shredder Bags. Fits all Medium Kobra Shredders

Kobra Medum Shredders Bags. Use with Kobra 260 models, Kobra 270 models & Kobra 300 models

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Kobra SB-30 Shredder Bags

Availability: Suitable for Medium Kobra Shredders

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The Kobra SB-30 Shredder Bags fit the following models:

  • Kobra 260 S5, 260 S2, 260 S4, 260 C4, 260 C
  • Kobra 260 HS, 260 HS6, 260 HS-2, 260 HS-2/6
  • Kobra 300 SS5, 300 SS4, 300 CC4, 300 C2
  • Kobra 385 S4, 385 SS4, 385 C4, 385 C2 , 300 HS6
  • Kobra 260 TS S4, 260 TS S5, 260 TS C2, 260 TS C4, 260 TS HS6
  • Kobra 270 TS S4, 270 TS S5, 270 TS C2, 270 TS C4, 270 TS HS6



The use of a Kobra waste sack with a shredder means that the dust is collected  within a sealed unit cannot escape. The use of an internal waste sack makes emptying much easier even with a full collection box. Anyone who has tried to empty a collection box directly into a skip in the car park or rubbish bin as the wind gets hold of it will only do it once! The use of a plastic bag will eliminate the possibility of shreds blowing down the street and generally causing untidy mess


  • Plastic waste bags for use with Kobra Shredders
  • 50 bags per box
  • Bag Dimensions 460 + 340 gussett x 940


These bags are for Medium Kobra Shredders. If you are unsure e-mail through your details with your Kobra model number and we will send let you know which bags to select.