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Intimus Hammer SE Hard Drive Erasure

The intimus Hammer SE implements firmware-based erasure command to completely purge all data from parallel ATA (PATA) and serial ATA (SATA) hard drives.

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Intimus Hammer SE

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This easy to use, one-step device connects to up to four hard drives via standard cables and erases data at speeds up to 4.0 GB per minute. For onsite data purging, the compact, portable product operates as a stand-alone device... or connect to the CPR Toolbox software utility (included) for additional functionality.   


Secure Erase is not a piece of technology or a physical object; it is basically a “destruction command” embedded in the firmware of every hard disk drive. When the command is given, the hard disk drive is completely and irreversibly erased. In this way, Secure Erase works like a “sleeper cell” within the hard drive – it quietly waits in the background for the right command, and only then does it go into action.


Organizations with large quantities of hard disk drives needing to be erased should use a technology like the intimus® Hammer SE, which allows multiple HDDs to be erased simultaneously using Secure Erase.


Secure Erase offers one of the best solutions for most cases of hard disk drive data sanitization. It is fast, thorough, and auditable. Secure Erase gives organizations the confidence of knowing that their HDD data is thoroughly sanitized and unrecoverable by forensic methods – and HDDs can even be re-used or re-purposed, thus reducing harm to the environment and saving money for the company


  • Destroys all data on up to four PATA/SATA hard drives simultaneously without destroying the drive
  • Hard drives may be re-used - promoting better environmental stewardship
  • Useable as a stand-alone device or in connection with any standard PC (via USB)


Intimus Hammer SE Specifications:


Drive interfaces: Parallel ATA (PATA), Serial ATA (SATA)
Host interface: USB 2.0
Max. transfer rate: 4,0 GB/m
Input voltage: + 12 VDC
Max. input current: 3,5 A
Voltage to drives: + 12 VDC, 5+ VDC
Device addressing support: 28 / 48 Bit
Max. transfer mode: UDMA mode 4
Width (cm): 11 cm
Depth (cm): 11 cm
Height (cm): 4 cm
Weight gross (kg): 0,5 kg
Weight net (kg): 0,3 kg