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LM-4E Degausser

The LM-4E Degausser is designed for high volume use with a conveyor belt

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The LM-4E is an NSA approved Permanent Magnet Conveyor Degausser which meets DoD requirements for purging Top Secret Media that is classified up to and including Business Impact Level 6 (BIL6). Its Rapid Conveyor System allows for Permanent Erasure of up to 1800 Magnetic Tapes or Hard Disk Drives per hour.



The LM-4 is listed on the National Security Agency Evaluated Products List-Degausser (EPL-Degausser), NSA/CSS-EPL-9-12A and meets the DoD, and CESG requirements for purging classified information on Longitudinal and Perpendicular Magnetic Disk Storage Devices up to 5000 Oersteds and Magnetic Tape Storage Devices ups to 2800 Oersteds. The LM-4E accepts Hard Drives 1.6’’ (41 mm) high by 4.3’’ (109 mm) wide by 6’’ (150 mm) deep including Floppy Disks, Zip Disks, Jazz Disks and Hard Disk Drives without removing the Disk Platters, plus Tape Media including DLT, LTO, 8mm and DDS.


Two Separate Magnetic Fields are combined, operating in Horizontal and Vertical directions for Superior Performance. This Multi-directional Magnetic Fields erases all current Magnetic Media as well as having the potential to erase Higher Coercivities as they become available making it a great Long Term Investment Choice.

Independent Scientific Testing confirms the LM-4E erases Longitudinal Magnetic Recorded (LMR) and Perpendicular Magnetic Recorded (PMR) Hard Disk Media with a coercivities above 5000 Oersteds and Magnetic Tape Media with a coercivities above 2800 Oersteds.


The LM-4E fast Conveyor System allows Operators to Degauss one piece of Media every two seconds making it one of the fastest Degaussers available and perfect for Organizations with large quantities of Media and Limited Manpower. The fast Cycle Time of the LM-4 efficiency performs your media sanitisation requirements.


For 150% compliance with NSA/DoD specifications for erasure of electronic information on hard disk drives, pair the DF-4 Mutilator with the LM-4 or LM-4E Degausser and join together with a conveyor (sold separately) for the ultimate Degauss & Destroy solution



•Simple operation: turn it on and place media in slot, conveyor belt moves media through the shielded degaussing field and deposits erased drives in bin
•Trusted: NSA approved, listed on "NSA Evaluated Products List - Degausser"
• Fast: 2 second cycle time, single pass
•Powerful: combines two magnetics for optimum performance and extended life
•Durable: built for large volumes of media
•Degauss & Destroy Duo: can be connected to the DF-4 destruction device for uninterrupted media destruction

Independent scientific testing confirms this degausser erases Longitudinal Magnetic Recorded (LMR) and Perpendicular Magnetic Recorded (PMR) hard disk media with a coercivity of 5000 Oesterds and magnetic tape media with a coercivity of 2800 Oersteds.


Media Size
All tape and disk drives to 1.6 inches (41 mm) high by 4.3 inches (109 mm) wide by 6.0 inches (150 mm) long.


Double Magnet Design
The LM-4E combines a set of two unique and very powerful magnet designs with the speed of an industrial conveyor belt. By generating fields in multiple directions, it is possibly your best defense against current Longitudinal Magnetic Recorded (LMR) and future Perpendicular Magnetic Recorded (PMR) hard disk media.


Width: 67.3 inches (1710 mm)
Depth: 28.0 inches (710 mm)
Height: 46.5 inches (1182 mm) Above Supporting Surface
Loading Height: 37.5 inches (953 mm) Above Supporting Surface
Degausser Weight: 1000 pounds (450 kg)


Detailed Specifications:


Name: Data Security Inc LM-4E
  Permanent Magnet Conveyor Degausser
Manufacturer Code: 963-0111
Security Level: NSA Approved to meet CESG Higher
Technology: Patented, Vertical and
  Horizontal Multi- directional Field, Permanent Magnet Degausser
Operation: Automatic Industrial-grade with
  Conveyor Belt
Throughput: 1,800 Pieces per Hour
Security Approvals: NSA Evaluated products list
  degausser (EPL Degausser) NSA/CSS-EPL-9-12A, meets CESG Highest Level
Disk Oersteds: up to 5000
Tape Oersteds: up to 2800
Max Media Size: Accommodates Tape and Hard Disk
  Drives up to 4.3” (109 mm) by 6” (150 mm) by 1.6” (41 mm)
Cycle Time: 2 seconds per pass - speed
  adjustment possible by Qualified Personnel
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Magnetic Fields: Longitudinal and Perpendicular
Power: 220-230V/4A/50Hz
Other Power: 120V/8A/60Hz and 208V/4A/60Hz
Dimensions (W*D*H): 1710x710x1182mm
Notes about Dimensions: Loading height of 953mm
Weight: 450kg
Degausses Discs & Hard
Degausses Tapes: Yes
Portable: No
Conveyor Belt: Yes
Electromagnetic: No
Permanent Magnet: Yes