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HD-5T Degausser

The HD-5T Degausser has a unique, internal magnetic field verification device that satisfies all requirements for degausser testing. It also has a built-in energy saving feature. This degausser meets all NSA and DoD requirements for magnetic data disposal.

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The HD-5T Degausser is compact and energy efficient. The HD-5T degausser accommodates multiple tapes and hard disk drives per cycle, and contains an automatic, internal magnetic Field CheckR feature that ensures the degausser is performing properly each and every cycle.


• Simple operation: turn on, open door, insert media and close door
• Trusted: NSA approved, listed on the NSA Evaluated Products List - Degausser (NSA/CSS EPL-D)
• Guaranteed erasure: automatic self-verification of electromagnetic field performance
• Efficient: accomodates multiple pieces of media simultaneously, no dissassembly or adaptors required
• Quick: 45 seconds first cycle, 30 seconds thereafter, single-pass, continuous duty
• Energy concious: uninterrupted use decreases cycle time
• Compact and portable: optional deployment case and wheeled cart available


Independent scientific testing confirms this degausser erases longitudinal (LMR) and perpendicular (PMR) disk storage devices with a Coercivity of 5000 Oersteds and tape media with a Coercivity of 2800 Oersteds.


Media Size
Chamber accommodates tapes and hard drives up to 1 inch (26 mm) high by 4 inches (102 mm) wide by 6 inches (152 mm) deep including floppy disks, zip disks, DLT, LTO, 8mm, DDS and other hard disk drives without disassembly. The HD-5T can accomodate multiple laptop hard drives and multiple tapes per cycle.


Performance Verification - Guaranteed Erasure:
A unique feature of the HD-5T degausser is its ability to measure its field strength and report results to the operator, thus guaranteeing its performance. Know without a doubt that your media is being degaussed to National Security Agency standards each and every time.


Energy Efficient:
The HD-5T degausser has a built-in energy saving feature. Uninterrupted use decreases cycle time as the degausser is able to retain a portion of the energy for re-use in the next cycle. Therefore, continuous use of the HD-5T degausser shortens the cycle time and reduces the amount of energy consumed.


Selling Points:

  • Highest approval in the NSA Degausser Evaluated Products List (DEPL). The HD-5T is approved by the NSA to erase 5000 Oe. disk media and 2800 Oe. tape media as listed in the DEPL. No other degausser is listed in the DEPL as being capable of erasing higher coercivity media.
  • Strongest magnetic fields in a degausser. The HD-5T degausser’s superior fi eld strength will support the erasure of new high coercivity media farther into the future than any other
    degausser. The HD-5T generates 14,000 Gauss (1.4 Tesla) magnetic fi elds. Sci en tifi c testing confirms the HD-5T erases 5000 Oe. disk media and 2800 Oe. tape media at 45% of it’s
    potential fi eld strength.
  • Compact and mobile design. The compact footprint (30” wide x 28.5” deep) requires minimal floor space in an office or data center. The wheels, paired with the compact design, provide effortless movement into a storage closet or an other office. The degaussing chamber is positioned for any operator; no adjustments are necessary.
  • Electromagnetic technology. The HD-5T electromagnet degausser has an unlimited shelf life; the HD-5T can be used as long as customers have the media to degauss. The capacitive discharge design generates no heat, continuous duty, zero down time, no magnet degradation, and requires no technical upgrades.
  • Simple, easy, quiet operation. The HD-5T is easy to load and does not require adapters. The LED display provides simple operator instructions: Open door, insert me dia, shut door, press “START.” Degaussing occurs in 1 second, indicator light confirms secure erasure.
  • Degauss multiple tapes per cycle. The HD-5T chamber can accommodate up to 10 tapes, allowing customers to get more done in less time.
  • Negligible magnetic field exposure. The magnetic field experienced around the HD-5T is less than the earth’s magnetic field.
  • Manufactured in the USA. Data Security Inc.
  • World wide on-site service and toll free phone support. Depot level and on-site service is available for quick and easy support; our customers experience less down time.
  • Certification process ensures secure erasure. According to the NSA DEPL, “Moreover, though listed in the DEPL, customers that acquire these products should have them re-tested
    twice a year for the first two years, then once a year thereafter.” This test ensures the degaussers continue to work properly.


Width – 10 inches (254 mm)
Height – 17.1 inches (434 mm)
Depth – 26.9 inches (684 mm), 33 inches (838 mm) with door open
Weight – 117 pounds (53 kg)


Detailed Specifications:


  Data Security Inc HD-5T Electric
  Chamber Degausser
Manufacturer Code: 953-0010
Security Level: NSA Approved to meet CESG Higher
Technology: Patent-pending electromagnetic
  pulse degausser advanced magnetic field strength for complete erasure of
  magnetic tape and hard disk drives
Operation: Automatic with Push Button
Throughput: 120 pieces per Hour - estimated
Security Approvals: NSA Evaluated Products List
  Degausser (EPL Degausser), NSA/CSS-EPL-9-12A, meets CESG Higher Level
Disk Oersteds: up to 5000
Tape Oersteds: up to 2800
Max Media Size: Accepts any Magnetic Media up to
  1” (26 mm) by 4” (102 mm) by 6” (152 mm)
Cycle Time: 45 seconds first cycle, 30
  seconds per cycle thereafter, single pass operation
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Magnetic Fields: Longitudinal and Perpendicular
Power: 230V/1.5A/50-60Hz
Other Power: 120V/3A/50-60Hz
Dimensions (W*D*H): 254x684x434mm
Notes about Dimensions: Depth is 838mm when tray is
  fully extended
Weight: 53kg
Degausses Discs & Hard
Degausses Tapes: Yes
Portable: Yes
Conveyor Belt: No
Electromagnetic: Yes
Permanent Magnet: No
Destroys Hard Drives: No