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How to Choose a Shredder

Option 1 - Choose from the categories


To help you choose what type of machine would be most suitable for your requirement, we have listed the available Shredding Machines in certain categories. Please note that machines listed will be capable of shredding a much higher volume than those stated in our Daily Capacity sections and are not necessarily those as stated by the Manufacturers. All models will be able to cope with spikes in requirements or usage increases in the short term.

Home Office Shredder
For Individual or Family use: may include low volume Strip-Cut or Cross Cut machines with a requirement to shred up to 50 sheets per day.
Up to 250 sheets per day: Shredder Waste Collection Bin can normally be emptied without the requirement to lift off the Shredder Head.
Can easily destroy up to 1 ream - 1 pack of copier paper – 500 sheets per day: 2 to 5 users.
Suggested for up to 10 users in a busy Office to destroy on average 2 reams (1000 sheets) of paper per day: Minimum 15-20 sheets per pass.
Recommended for 25 Users as a centralised shredder in a Large Office to destroy complete files including cardboard outers.
These machines are designed to destroy paper documents to the very smallest particles and are generally supplied to Government/Military installations where documents must be shredded to avoid espionage and where information may undermine State Defence.
SCEC Endorsed Government shredders come in 'Class A' and 'Class B' and are mandated by certain government departments and agencies to be used for secure document Shredding.
Shredders Direct supplies NSA Approved Degaussers. These are used to destroy tape and optical media.

Option 2 - Use the shredder wizard!

Ask yourself or someone technical in organisation the following questions to help you get your requirements correct:
1. Do you have brand preference?
    If you do select a brand; if you don't leave the dropdown set to 'Any Brand'
2. What security level do you require?
    The higher the security level the smaller the pieces of paper you get once shredded
3. What bin capacity would you prefer?
    The higher the bin capacity the bigger the bin which means you can empty it less
4. How many sheets of paper do you want to be able to feed into the shredder at any one time?
    Are you happy feeding a few pages at a time or do you need to be able to feed 10 or 20 pages to   
    reduce the time you spend at the shredder?
5. What shred type do you require?
    Would you prefer strip cut or cross cut? Cross cut is the more secure but you do pay a premuim this!
6. How many people are likely to use the shredder?
    The more users the more likey you will need to select higher attribrutes for each category meaning  
    you will need a bigger shredder than average
7. What throat width do you require?
    To put this simply what size of paper needs to fit into the shredder? Will users only be shredding A4 
    or is a larger size required?
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